Snow Pugs

Back in December we took the girls on a day trip up to Lake Arrowhead for the fresh snow. Being Southern California native, these pugs have very little experience with real cold weather or snow. Pookie’s first introduction was a couple of years ago when I brought back a load of fresh Big Bear snow in the back of my truck. We put her in the bed with all the snow and she immediately stopped moving. As if she turned to stone. It was quite anticlimactic.

We were anxious to bring Pugoda to the snow because sometimes she acts weird in new environments. Her first time ever in a playground full of sand, she ran around like a maniac then took a huge bite out of the sand thinking it was… I don’t know, not sand. But to our surprise the snow did not even faze her. She couldn’t tell the difference between the snow and the dirt. She even sat right in the snow for a couple minutes waiting for Pookie. Crazy dog.

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Blog Update. Finally

Holy Cow this year is flying and its because things are crazy busy and I have PugDography.com to thank for that. From this website I have been approached to create two websites, one wedding, a corporate event with individual portraits, along with other various photography events. I have a ton of material I want to post to the internet but I couldn’t justify posting it here. So my next big project is to finish a non-dog photography website, unlike a Puppy site, which I have reserved a url and a site layout has been chosen. I have been working on it off-and-on for the last two months and should be completed soon. I am so excited to show everyone my recent photographic activities. You will be the first to know when it’s complete, so stay tuned. I will also work on posting here more routinely. 🙂

One of my recent photoshoot required a rental telephoto lens, I went with the only choice, the 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM. Enjoy these fantastic action photos of Pugdoa and Pookie running around our local dog park.

She is airborne!!!

If you have ever seen a pug do the crazy-booty-skooty-run, you know what’s going on in this pic ^^^ It’s like “Turbo-Mode” for a pug.

This picture here best shows Pookie’s overall personality.

Once again, Pugoda wins.

OK, they’re tired. Too much running for the day, they’ve meet the monthly quota in expended energy.

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Pookie’s Pug Face! Yup, it’s flat


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Picture of the Day – Pugs on White

I like to call these faux studio shots. They are taken on painted concrete and sporting their very colorful  WaLk-e-Woo collars

These by far are my favorite pictures of the pugs.

Pugoda on White


Pookie on White


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Picture of the Day – Pookie

People always ask us, “How old is your puppy?” We respond with “She is our 6-year old puppy”

Pookie is our other pug. Her nicknames include Fifty-foot tongue, Pookers, Pookie-Poo, Chicken-Pug, Chicken-Pookie (She once ate a WHOLE chicken breast including bones while we were not looking), Moto and Baby-Dog. She is the smallest pug I have ever seen and LOVES little kids. She enjoys watching TV, sleeping, socializing, more sleeping, and absolutely hates horses (in-person and on TV). Every time The Dog Whisperer comes on she avidly watches the whole show and will occasionally bark at the screen. That is where Pugoda jumps in and lays the smack-down.

Welcome Pookie to the World Wide Web!


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