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Lately I have been on a Conan O’Brien kick since he has moved to Los Angeles. I have become particularly fond of the “Twitter TRACKER” skits:

Bro’s a no no for CoCo? If you missed that episode, you can watch full episodes here at Hulu.com.

Be sure to use your favorite TwitterTRACKER to follow us on Twitter.

And if you missed any of the chic Basenji, Koco, be sure to catch up with his full blog post.

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Thursday, June 25th, 2009 Clients, Random Funny Stuff, TV 2 Comments

For our pug fans out there: God’s Little Weirdos

I was surfing the net for pug related merchandise (something I do often) and came across the funniest book ever! I knew that Dave Kellett uses pugs in his Sheldon comic strips, but I didn’t know he devoted an entire book to describing the strange little creatures called pugs. It’s awesome! The book can be purchased at www.sheldoncomics.com.

If you have or know pugs, you know why this is so funny…Pugs could never surf! I have however seen that look on our pugs faces when we try to put them down the slide at the park.

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