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Lately I have been on a Conan O’Brien kick since he has moved to Los Angeles. I have become particularly fond of the “Twitter TRACKER” skits:

Bro’s a no no for CoCo? If you missed that episode, you can watch full episodes here at

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And if you missed any of the chic Basenji, Koco, be sure to catch up with his full blog post.

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Thursday, June 25th, 2009 Clients, Random Funny Stuff, TV 2 Comments

Animal Planet Videos: Dogs 101: Pug

My DVR has collected with a ton of shows that I have not gotten around to watch. One of those shows is on Animal Planet called Dogs 101.  They explore and educate viewers about each breed from early stages through the older years. They have animal experts and actual owners explain some of the health issues and the type of domestic life they have. It’s a great show if you are shopping breeds or just want to learn.

My DVR finally caught the re-run of the Pug episode originally aired November 29 of last year!!!  This episode has an adorable skydiving pug. What?!? Yes, Bugsy, a New York native now living in Hawaii goes surfing and skydiving with his owner. For his skydive he sports a jumpsuit, goggles, and flying shoes!   Too bad that portion of the video is reserved for the full show, but you can watch a portion of the Pug 101 directly on Animal Planets website or by clicking the image below.

Viva le PUG!!


Season 1, Episode 8

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Tuesday, February 17th, 2009 Pug, TV 3 Comments