Mattie, Cheese, and Hank

This week we have three wonderful pugs that we meet at Pugtoberfest two weeks ago. They are, as the title suggests, Mattie, Cheese, and Hank!

Hank is the brindle pug! He has the most amazing markings I’ve ever seen on a pug and that’s because he is a Pug-Pekinese-Mix, but you’d never know just by physical features. Then we have Mattie. She is a pug rescue rescued from Pugs ‘N Pals over a year ago. She was abandoned because her previous owner didn’t want a blind pug with a missing eye. How could anyone desert that sweet face?  Lucky she was given up though, because she now has a fantastic home with two great pug siblings and a loving family. She is so uber sweet and lovable. Finally we have Cheese. I tried so hard not call out his name like they do in the movie Old School. “Chee-ee-eese” He, like his siblings was super photogenic. Cheese will soon undergo back surgery. We wish him the best of luck. Enjoy!

We’ll start of with a yawn.





I love this shot. It reminds me of a gangster mug shot. Grrr. Gansta “The Hank”  Pug


Then, Cheese hamming it up.






Check out the ducks.




And the winning shot of the day. All three, on a rock looking at the camera. So freaking awesome!


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Animal Planet Videos: Dogs 101: Pug

My DVR has collected with a ton of shows that I have not gotten around to watch. One of those shows is on Animal Planet called Dogs 101.  They explore and educate viewers about each breed from early stages through the older years. They have animal experts and actual owners explain some of the health issues and the type of domestic life they have. It’s a great show if you are shopping breeds or just want to learn.

My DVR finally caught the re-run of the Pug episode originally aired November 29 of last year!!!  This episode has an adorable skydiving pug. What?!? Yes, Bugsy, a New York native now living in Hawaii goes surfing and skydiving with his owner. For his skydive he sports a jumpsuit, goggles, and flying shoes!   Too bad that portion of the video is reserved for the full show, but you can watch a portion of the Pug 101 directly on Animal Planets website or by clicking the image below.

Viva le PUG!!


Season 1, Episode 8

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Picture of the Day – Pookie

People always ask us, “How old is your puppy?” We respond with “She is our 6-year old puppy”

Pookie is our other pug. Her nicknames include Fifty-foot tongue, Pookers, Pookie-Poo, Chicken-Pug, Chicken-Pookie (She once ate a WHOLE chicken breast including bones while we were not looking), Moto and Baby-Dog. She is the smallest pug I have ever seen and LOVES little kids. She enjoys watching TV, sleeping, socializing, more sleeping, and absolutely hates horses (in-person and on TV). Every time The Dog Whisperer comes on she avidly watches the whole show and will occasionally bark at the screen. That is where Pugoda jumps in and lays the smack-down.

Welcome Pookie to the World Wide Web!


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Picture of the Day – Pugoda

This is me and my Pugoda! She has been my mascot and inspiration since the very beginning.  She is furry and fluffy and takes over my spot in the bed when I get up for work every morning. Her favorite activities include sleeping, eating, sleeping some more, bossing our fawn pug Pookie around, and more sleeping. She is the keeper of the peace. Any time other dogs bark she lays the smack down with a swift body slam.

My wife Chelsie snapped this pic while on our daily walk. Kudos to her!


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Daisy Duke, Sophie, JinJin, & Mushi

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