Snow Pugs

Back in December we took the girls on a day trip up to Lake Arrowhead for the fresh snow. Being Southern California native, these pugs have very little experience with real cold weather or snow. Pookie’s first introduction was a couple of years ago when I brought back a load of fresh Big Bear snow in the back of my truck. We put her in the bed with all the snow and she immediately stopped moving. As if she turned to stone. It was quite anticlimactic.

We were anxious to bring Pugoda to the snow because sometimes she acts weird in new environments. Her first time ever in a playground full of sand, she ran around like a maniac then took a huge bite out of the sand thinking it was… I don’t know, not sand. But to our surprise the snow did not even faze her. She couldn’t tell the difference between the snow and the dirt. She even sat right in the snow for a couple minutes waiting for Pookie. Crazy dog.

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Pugtoberfest: A blast from the past!

In the excitement of Pugtoberfest 2008, we have dug up some footage from the 2007 Pugtoberfest. This is from our local CBS channel 2 here in Los Angeles, it was aired the evening after the event. We received a call late that night from my father-in-law to tune in. Our pugs, Pookie and Pugoda made the cut! Pookie was in the Chicken costume and Pugoda was a Red Lobster.


Or check out different version on Local Channel 9

Tune-in for pictures of the event!

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For our pug fans out there: God’s Little Weirdos

I was surfing the net for pug related merchandise (something I do often) and came across the funniest book ever! I knew that Dave Kellett uses pugs in his Sheldon comic strips, but I didn’t know he devoted an entire book to describing the strange little creatures called pugs. It’s awesome! The book can be purchased at www.sheldoncomics.com.

If you have or know pugs, you know why this is so funny…Pugs could never surf! I have however seen that look on our pugs faces when we try to put them down the slide at the park.

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